Why Spaqu

SPAQU comes out from the mountains of Sakarya and Bolu’s natural beauties in an immaculate manner.

Its springs which are very far from human settlement are protected from any physical or biological contamination. That naturalness and quality is meticulously preserved until the end of the production phase.

SPAQU is entitled as “Natural Mineral Water”, the most beneficial water for human health, because it maintains its natural mineral level every season.

It has the ideal combination of minerals that our body needs constantly such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium.

It helps to remove acidic wastes by creating antioxidant effect thanks to its high pH levels (7.96, 8.00, and 8.30).

It is manufactured in accordance with high quality and hygiene standards in our filling plants, using high technology machines.


Why Natural Mineral Water

“Natural Mineral Water” is widely accepted as the most beneficial water for human health and is also a special qualification given only to water which fulfills certain criteria.

“Natural” refers to the absence of any physical or chemical intervention, except bottling and storage. Therefore, the original components of the source could be protected.

After water reaches high mountain slopes as precipitation, it passes through various rocks and incorporates beneficial minerals from these layers until it comes back to the earth from the source. If the amount of minerals is above a certain level, it is titled as Mineral Water.

Minerals which are found in most of healthy food and beverages, have various regulative functions in our body. Natural Mineral Water provides us to intake most of these minerals in a faster and healthier way.


Why Alkaline Water

The pH, which indicates how acid or base (alkaline) the liquids are, is expressed as a value between 0 and 14. Acidity increases towards 0, on the contrary, alkalinity increases towards 14. The human body has a general pH of about 7.4 and exhibits a mildly alkaline character.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain the pH balance of our body because of today’s highly acidic nutrition habits and adverse environmental conditions. For this reason, alkaline water consumption provides an important contribution to the preservation of the ideal pH balance of our body.

Due to its low surface tension, alkaline water is easily absorbed via our digestive system and delivered to the cells faster than non-alkaline water.

Thanks to its taste which functions as an appetizer for drinking more water, alkaline water has an indispensable place in diets of people who want to lose weight and protect their form.