pH 8.00 Glass Bottled Mineral Water

The SPAQU Glass Bottle allows the SPAQU to retain its naturalness and unique flavor for a longer time without any need for further protection measures.

The source of SPAQU pH 8.00 Glass Bottled Mineral Water is located in Bolu, where Turkey’s rich mineral water springs are located. The source is pretty high from the sea level and is far away from human settlements and industrial structures. This protects the source from all kinds of negative influences.

With its alkaline property, SPAQU pH 8.30 contributes to the preservation of the ideal pH balance of our body.

Regardless of the seasonal changes, the source of SPAQU pH 8.30, constantly achieves the same mineral level, is protected from environmental influences and has ultimate hygiene standards in production stages. Therefore, it is registered as “Natural Mineral Water”.

SPAQU pH 8.30 Natural Mineral Water provides a healthy and rapid intake of minerals that our body needs.


Calcium, the most abundant mineral in our bodies, has functions in our bones and teeth, in our muscles related to nervous system, in our blood to facilitate clotting. Calcium has been scientifically proven to increase fat burning in a balanced diet.


In order for calcium to be absorbed and used properly in our bodies, magnesium needs to be taken. It is also important in the development and renewal of cells, in the movement of muscles and in healthy functioning of the nervous system. In case of its deficiency, disruptions in the digestive system and nervous disorders may occur.


Potassium, which exists as an ion in the intracellular fluid, provides water and electrolyte balance of the body together with sodium. The potassium needed to perform the functions of the central nervous system and muscles in addition to its protective effect on our heart health.


Sodium is necessary for the maintenance of nerve and muscle functions, protection of the pH value of blood and maintaining fluid balance of the body. SPAQU pH 8.00 is safely preferred by those who follow a low-sodium diet.

Bottled in one of Turkey’s most advanced and high-tech facility, SPAQU is presented to you after constant quality and hygiene controls.

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